Ozark Mountain Yoga is a trademarked brand located in Springfield, Missouri.



Outside yoga class on Sam's Throne Mountain Table Top climbing area in the Ozark National Forest.


Yoga as a Way of Life

Ozark Mountain Yoga is a unique, welcoming, professional, private yoga studio and public information resource based out of the Queen City of the Ozarks, Springfield, Missouri. We are continually evolving with the needs of the rapidly growing conscious-living community of the greater Ozarks and embrace the positive things happening in our area. Created by Bill Lynch to provide highly accessible specialty yoga training focusing on the overall positive development of the individual and recreational opportunities showcasing the beautiful Ozark Mountain region, it has grown to include projects involving many other like-minded, healthy living professionals who strive to help enrich the lives of others through information, specialty services, activities and events. We value and appreciate suggestions, feedback and especially participation in all of our events.

We welcome people of all ages and abilities wishing to learn, grow, share and contribute about how yoga can safely and joyfully become a part of any lifestyle and assist in the personal journey towards better mind and body health. As physical therapists and physicians increasingly recommend yoga to help them realize a fuller life and brighter future it is good to help educate one another and stay informed and aware of the opportunities all around us. We are all just beginners and hope that you will join us in this educational journey that is both highly personal while being community dependant, such is the nature of living yoga.

We at Ozark Mountain Yoga are always looking for ways to expand and help others realize their goals within the healthy living community. If you would like assistance with your retreat, workshop, professional planning or any other idea, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation. Everyone's success means our success and we would love to help you achieve your goals. In kind, we appreciate your feedback on any of our projects. We are continually striving to improve our offerings and your opinions and ideas are extremely important. We value your input! In fact, we hope to be a voice for those with gifts they would like to share. Our area has so many hidden gems in the form of teachers, studios, parks, special skills and products, the list could go on and on. With this in mind, we have created what we feel is the perfect platform for showcasing the very best of our area with the creation of the new, free, Ozark Mountain Yoga Mindful Living Magazine.

"Hello everyone,
When I started Ozark Mountain Yoga several years ago it was with the intention to use the company for adventure yoga retreats and other events through out the greater Ozarks region. Although this has been moderately successful, as I travelled around meeting people, interacting and collaborating with other like minded individuals I discovered that there was an incredible richness of skills and diverseness of knowledge combined with a hunger for connection and information. We believe here at Ozark Mountain Yoga that emerging technologies can provide just such a service. We are preparing to take Ozark Mountain Yoga into a dramatic new direction by the creation of Ozark Mountain Yoga Mindful Living Magazine, a free, interactive, electronic publication where everyone can become involved. This is an exciting new time for those seeking to share their gifts an we're seeking contributors from all over the greater Ozarks region. Receptive to any and all contributors, article content may include all manners of conscious living topics and in a variety of written and digital media. This is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to share with each other and to dramatically enrich the conscious living community in which we are all apart. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing your story."
- Bill Lynch, February 2015

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Stay up to date on festival information on Facebook.There are many uoga and nature photos on out instagram site.Daily tweets keep people informed.Check out out Google Plus page.